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Business Name Card Slitter, Model: SS-1000W

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Business Name Card Slitter, Model: SS-1000W

│ Description │

New products SS-1000/1000W, which were developed to enable shops or firms inhouse producing technically name cards to apply handily the various dimensions as well as a great number of pieces by uses, are proud of semipermanent durability and matchless accuracy. It is available of cutting name cards with diverse dimensions by the cartridge method.

From now, don't waste your valuable time and energy to go to remote place. You can increase highly economical profits by self-making at home.

SAMJUNG's researchers have studied and developed even the details by examining the consumers' needs obtained from the former models.

The patent application and utility model registration rights of the above products are held by SAMJUNG.

│ Specifications │








Slitter, Cartridge

Paper supply



Double blade
Single blade(SS-500)

Paper thickness

 70g ∼ 300g

Paper size

 A4(210 × 297)mm

Cutting size

 90x54/90x50 etc.

Paper speed


Power source

 220V 15W 60Hz


 600(W) × 200(D) × 240(H)


 10.8kg / 10.6kg (SS-1000)

│ With name card slitter, ‘cardmania’, Make name cards various and cool! │
Edit and design free ten pieces of A4-size name cards to make smart name cards. It is desirable to kick the set notion that name cards should be made just one hundred pieces at a time and make them as many as the desired pieces such as thirty or fifty pieces. Nowadays is when diverse name cards are required in small lots by changes of workplace, occupation, post, firm name and logo, or by promotion, transference, separation and business trip, according to use - including card for business - and personal relations.

│ SS-1000W & SS-1000, Choose for your use! │
If you want to cut the part to be printed on the edge of name cards as shown in the following Fig. A, choose the Model SS-1000W.
Fig. B corresponds to the Model SS-1000. In this case, it is impossible to cut the part to be printed on the edge; because unnecessary part (x) is left as shown in Fig. B. Unless you want to do so, choose the Model SS-1000.

│ Time, Cost-effective Economical Efficiency! │
Press the power switch and insert continuously the prepared print name card paper to complete more rapidly lots of operations.


│ Diversified Sizes and Uses of name cards What is Cartridge Method? │

  1. Cut free the desired size of name cards
  2. Make perforated line -name cards and tickets owing to available of sewing function (perforated line); finally
  3. Make folding line . It was designed for wide application available of card production, applying the cartridge method to the utmost.

│ Edited part of name cards & Paper Feed Table Shift mode │
The existing troubles (of fixed type) are solved perfectly by developing epochally the unit available of setting paper size in detail and the Paper Feed Table Shift mode available of adjusting free the right/left margins - realized by SAMJUNG's constant studies and efforts accumulated for a long time in order to meet demands of various users.